Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Typography Poster (Experimenting)

I have been experimenting with the typography for the poster that will be on the notice board. I want to try and get the idea of something being in 2 places at once through the typography.

Here I am experimenting with the letters existing in two words at once.
It reminds me a little of a periodic table!

I quite like the concept, although I think it's very hard to read, especially if you didn't already know what it said, and also as it will be reversed!

As the image is going to be reversed I would like them to be just typography and ideally keep them as simple as possible. Here are some more experiments:

I like the enjambment of the letters in this so that it flows down the page. It seems to suggest two things either side of the page forcing the letters down onto the next line. I'm not too sure about the "two" though...

I'm not too sure what I think of this one. I quite like the blank space in the middle (kind of relates to the idea that atoms mostly consist of just vacuum, although very irrelevant...). The asymmetry of this drives me insane and I think I would obsess over it too much. I don't think this makes too much of a statement.

The idea was to have the words running across two posters so the information is in two places at once. I hate how this turned out though. I quite like the concept, but I feel this is very poorly realised...

I like the good old block typography feel of this poster. It's quite bold and looks like it is making a statement. Only problem is that it could be quite confusing to read, especially if reversed? It may still look interesting once reversed though, regardless of legibility.

I do like the look of these ones, although I don't know what their compositions say about quantum theory or the idea of something being in two places at once...? I guess I need to work out whether that's really necessary.

This one I love!
It's bold and incorporates the use enjambment. I really prefer the focus on the word "atom" rather than "two" as I had done with the others. It kind of says, if the word "atom" can be repeated and be in two places at once, why can't the word "you"? I think this has been the most successful out of all the experiments.

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