Monday, 24 May 2010

Screenprinting: THE FINAL POSTER

I did the final prints for the shortlisted combinations of colour and paper:

-Black on white paper
-Black on off-white sugar paper
-White on black paper
-White on off-white sugar paper
(The shop didn't have any sugar paper so it ended up being mostly grey paper; had one A3 sheet of sugar paper left!)

Out of all the screen prints I shortlisted 6 and then whittled it down to these 3:
(Black on grey, black on off-white, white on black)
These three were the clearest, most effective/dramatic and most aesthetically pleasing. They all look quite bold, and I like how the white ink on the black isn't consistent; it has a murky, mysterious quality to it.

I decided to go with the grey/white with the black/white.

I will be doing the final screenprints of the information cards. I learnt from my InDesign attempts that I should just keep them looking simple; the Quantum Superposition card was simple and I think it looked far more effective than the other two overambitious designs!

I kept the designs as simple as possible, trying to keep them quite like the Quantum Mechanics paragraph contained in the two boxes. I didn't think they necessarily needed to make a statement so the one about parallel universes is a really simple paragraph of writing in the middle of the page. The other 3 however do say a little about what's in the paragraph. I love the one about the 'World Line' and how it snakes down the page. The paragraph about Quantum Entanglement uses the same design as the Quantum Mechanics one; it's neat and effective and shows the information being communicated over two places at once.

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