Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Everything In It's Right Place

So.. according to the list of everything I should have in the room, I've got everything I need to start arranging the contents on the desk!

- Desk
- Note left in typewriter
- Mirrors
-Pack of Cards
-Keys with labels
- Notice board
- Poster(s)
-Notice (Be back 5 mins ago)
- Letter and Envelope
- Jars with quotes x 4
- Information cards

- Polaroid of finished room (Can't have this one till I actually finish the room...obviously)

I've been playing around with different positions for things on the desk:

The positioning of all the information on the table will be fairly random and scattered I think.

I was initially just going to have 1 poster on one notice board but I think I quite like the effect of two. I was going to have odd bits like the keys and the notices and other bits and bobs pinned onto the other. But I might go out and buy another and that one can go in the middle of the two posters.

I have also decided to scrap the shelf too and have mirrors on the other wall as well. This will create a really interesting multiplying effect when the viewer looks in the mirror meaning that the information and the viewer will be in many different places at once, physically demonstrating the concept of quantum superposition.

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