Thursday, 13 May 2010

Typography Poster (Reversing)

I did some photocopy experiments today to see what the tests looked like when reversed:

(This one annoys me so much!)

I think they all look pretty good reversed, well... interesting rather than good. I think because when it's reversed it obviously becomes illegible, so some of the things that made an experiment hard to read or not look right seems to be cancelled out by the mirror image as we are not really trying to read it. I still think the top one looks best though. I like how symmetrical it is and it fills up the whole space nicely and still looks really interesting when reversed.

I spoke to Rob (other one) about my project for the first time and he mentioned the clever idea of having handheld mirrors lying around the installation, like on the desk, for those of us (me included) whose eyes are not what they used to be. I think it would be a nice touch, and quite handy for those little bits of text in the jars for example, if anyone actually bothers to read them.

I am also going to screen print next week to see if I can find an appropriate way to create all my text reversed without it looking photocopied. I also spoke to James in letterpress and he said that I could also get some polymer plate/stencil things done for me in etching and then I can use them to print them down in letterpress. Only thing is, it sounded like it would cost a lot of time and money, neither of which I have a lot of at the moment, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for screen printing...

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