Thursday, 20 May 2010

Screenprinting (Poster)

Today I was just screen printing the poster. I printed it in black, red and white (on black). Although I absolutely loved the colour itself, I decided not to try it in blue as I just thought it didn't really suit the whole installation and the vintage feel I am trying to create.

The use of the black ink does give the poster a much more vintage and dramatic feel. It is really bold and almost looks like newsprint, especially when printed onto the off white sugar paper (Only 20p a sheet and it gives my prints a lovely atmosphere compared to the bright white card!)

I think the red is really beautifully striking although I will have to experiment with whether or not it suits when it is pinned to the notice board. It is possible that the red could clash quite unattractively with the brown of the cork... I also think the use of graph paper overall is a little too casual for the poster. If I want this poster to be making a statement then it needs to be on nice, good quality paper. Failing that, the paper at least needs to have a nice texture; even the slightly off white sugar paper looked quite good when printed on to.

It was quite frustrating today as the photocopy I gave to Brian must have had some invisible noise or something on it because the screen came out really speckled, particularly around the "you" making the prints look shoddily produced. Although I guess in a way the extra noise gave the prints a bit more authenticity and a sort of textured feel to the print, I can't help but feel it would look a little shabby if the final poster was so speckly! This weekend I will work on producing a photocopy doesn't have as much noise in the background and hopefully this will produce a much cleaner print.

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