Thursday, 6 May 2010

Key arrival!

I bid for some old keys on ebay and got them in the post today! It's amazing what people are willing to spend on a bunch of old keys...some auctions got up to over £10, just for a collection of dirty old keys!? Whatever floats your boat...
I got mine at a cheap and cheerful £1.50 for 9, not sure why they weren't as sought after as the others but they weren't.

I would like the keys to have subtle references to the subject matter of the installation. E.g. A tag on the key that says "Schrodinger's Box"... "Einstein's Office"..."TIME MACHINE"...etc... so I created some tags for them inspired by the "Eat Me" and "Drink Me" labels from Alice in Wonderland:

They're really simple but I quite like that. I might try using a different kind of string to attach them as that grey one keeps fraying and doesn't really look right. I'd like to have them hanging up somewhere not very noticeable but still in view just as a really subtle reference.

I think they'd look great on the notice boards I bought from IKEA to go above the desk.

I also experimented with reversing the letterpress I did using a photocopier and choosing the mirror image option. Here are some examples:

I do really like these photocopies, I think they give a really nice feel but are perhaps not polished enough to be used in the final installation. Maybe I will have to use screen-printing?

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