Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Screenprinting: The Final

Combinations of colour and paper used:

- Black on white paper
- White on black paper
- Black on graph paper
-White on grey paper
-Black on tracing paper

Today was my last day of screen printing, and it didn't go too well...
I was screen printing the information cards that will be lying around on the desk on different types of paper and colours, but it seems the letters were a little too small and more often than not, the result was messy. In some cases it worked to the advantage of the vintage feel of the installation, but in others it was just a disaster!

Sometimes there was simply too much ink for the size of the letters (a fault on my part) but the size of the things I wanted to print just made it very difficult. Sometimes the squeegee didn't reach all the letters leaving the image only half printed. All but one small section of the tracing paper prints were ruined and the paragraph about Superposition didn't come out right in any of the combinations! So I'll just have to print that one out using the computer as there is no opportunity to try and screen print it again...

All in all it was a tricky one.
But I managed to pull out some nice enough looking ones for the final installation:

They're not pristine looking prints but I really quite like that and I think it's appropriate to use them.

Here's a look at them in action:

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