Sunday, 23 May 2010

Envelopes and Noticeboard Experiments

I decided instead of just using an envelope I would make one myself. This proved easier said than done.

I initially attempted to make one free hand; it looked easy enough. It came out looking just a little rough around the edges:
Not too bad, it just actually looks like I've sat down and made it from scratch, which is not the look I was going for...

I thought it would probably be useful to get a couple of existing envelopes and open them up so I could use them as templates.

So I drew around the template and produced an envelope of my own!

Now all there is to do is experiment with the different kinds of paper I could use for it and see which one looks the best.

I thought the most suitable colour was the bottom one; it was the closest colour to the original envelope and looks the most authentic. I got some good quality card from the college shop so the envelope is nice and sturdy and has a lovely texture.

I thought the best way to see what combination was most suitable for the poster was to test it in action! I put all the different combinations of colour and paper on the notice board to see which one looked the most aesthetically pleasing:

The graph paper was not a good enough quality to be used for the poster and the red, as beautiful and striking as it is, clashed with the brown of the notice board and desk. The black, white combinations worked the best so these will be the combinations I use when screen printing the final poster. In terms of the 'Be back 5 mins ago' notice, the paper that looked the best was either the white or the graph paper with black ink as, again, the red clashes.

I couldn't find a notice board large enough so I put the two together to create the illusion of a larger one! I put the poster right in the middle across the two for maximum impact as the poster will be the first thing the audience will see. However it made it awkward to pin up the notices. I think it would be best if the poster occupied one, and the notices and keys etc. occupied the other.

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