Saturday, 22 May 2010

Letter Experiments

At the moment I am working on producing the final letter and envelope. I have typewritten the letter onto 4 different kinds of paper to see which one looked best and then scanned them in and reversed them:


(Brown paper)

The scans lost a lot of the texture and authenticity of the originals and when I printed them out they came out quite fuzzy and lacking colour, thus actually looking like scans which is NOT what I wanted. I tried to photocopy the letter but that gave an even worse effect:

As it was printed straight onto the flimsy photocopy paper it just didn't have a nice feel to it, and the background was grainy.
After that, I remembered that Rob had mentioned that I could download a typewriter font from the internet and reverse that with the printer.

I found a few and tried them out. The top two were inappropriate for the look I was going for but I decided to experiment with the last two which looked quite like my actual typewriter font. This is a great method for producing the letter as I can print the letter onto any paper I want, it is much less time consuming than using the actual typewriter, and to reverse it all I have to do is select 'Mirror Image' in the print options.

They both looked quite good, however I felt that this bottom image was the best font. It looked most like an authentic typewriter font. The top one was almost too clean, whereas the other one retained some of the idiosyncrasies that kept it looking more genuine. I printed this onto newsprint as it gave a much nicer quality than printing straight onto plain white paper.

The colour I had been printing them out in was a very dark blue as my typewriter ribbon has a slightly blue tinge to it. However I decided to try it out in automatic black as well just to see how it came out.

I felt the effect of the black was a little overwhelming and realised that my typewriter didn't appear to make marks as dark as this looked, so I think it's best if I stick with the dark blue.

Now that I've figured the letter out, the text in the jars should be easy to do!

I can use the same method for the key labels too:

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