Tuesday, 13 April 2010

A Slow Start

Finally managed to get myself in gear and start researching for this Final Major Project business. According to my ACTION plan I should be READY for action and well into my research by now... I've already done the core research on quantum theory for my 'How Things Work' project so I guess I'm not without some research already.

I'm halfway through a book Amir D. Aczel called 'Entanglement: The Greatest Mystery In Physics' as part of my research. Some bits are interesting, mainly because I vaguely understand them due to the previous project, but a lot of it is equations and very scientific theory and it is these bits that I skip right over. Not just because I don't really understand them, but because I'm not really interested in the complicated science behind it all; I've realised that it's not the scientific theories themselves that interest me, but the basic concept behind them, hence the direction I decided to take my Final Major Project in: Quantum Theory as a basic concept or philosophy.

I'm not interested in the equations, I'm interested in their application to reality and what shape some theories take on when they are applied to real life, such as Schrodinger's Cat. It's all very well talking about photons and electrons and protons and atoms and other particles that are too small for us to relate to or even see, but I want to explore what happens when we take the principles used in these scientific theories and are just viewed as concepts.

For example looking at Time Travel or Parallel Universes, I would not be interested in how these things may be scientifically possible although I will of course include them as part of my research, I would be interested in the idea of the future or the past interfering with or changing the present, or something or someone being in two places at once. Or the idea that there is a universe for every possible combination of decisions that we make in our lives and that somehow, somewhere we are someone we've always wanted to be, or someone who we're glad we're not.

It is concepts like these that most people will understand on some level and perhaps even relate to, much more so than a jumble of equations and scientific jargon.

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